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If you ever wanted to know what it's like to have your cock teased by naughty step-sisters over and over until you simply can't stand it, family strokes are sure to show you what that feels like. These gals will often catch their stepbrothers jerking off by accident, and you know, the laws of pornography say that sisters must suck off their step-brothers if they ever catch them naked.
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I would be lying if I said that these stepdaughters aren't that charming, as they are everything but unattractive, and the reactions of the men who end up hooking up with them in these movies are there to prove to you that I am indeed not wrong. I mean, taboo sex is the hottest thing ever, and there are only a few taboos that our society hasn't destigmatized in the 21st century, and we all know very well which one is it. You wouldn't be reading this if we were not sure what this one "forbidden" thing that still fascinates our minds today is. Yep. It's fucking your stepsisters or your stepdaughters.


This kind of sex is something so many men have fantasized about back in the day, so it's only natural that they masturbate to it en masse these days. The forbidden fruit, which would be your stepmother's or even your step sister's pussy is something that will always intrigue men, and women, too. I mean, the stories aren't too complex for the most part, but they don't even need to be complicated when it comes to pornography, right? We all want to see some fucking. Maybe it's just me. These gals can take some very impressive poundings, which is excellent. They can take huge cocks up their tight clams for hours, that's for sure. They can carry huge loads down their throats, too, so the performers are indeed top-notch. There aren't that many movies on the website right now, which is quite reasonable, seeing that the page is relatively young.FamilyStrokes has 14 videos right now, and most of them last around 30 minutes, and that's about it. However, it is sure that this will keep you entertained for hours upon hours. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that the videos can be downloaded as .mp4 files, which is excellent. This means you can watch porn on the go! Furthermore, the quality of the movies is simply amazing. You also get some HD screenshots of the movies you download as well. They're found in the .zip file where the movie is stored. You need a program to unzip these files, though, so you better make sure to download WinRar on your computer, or even 7zip or something like that. I mean, you won't be able to download your movies if you don't have at least one of these two programs, so you should get them as soon as possible. Oh yeah, you may also download the movies as WMV files if your internet connection is slow.
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Navigating the page is a piece of cake. I have to say that the design is splendid. Furthermore, we should mention that the main index page consists of 20 video thumbnails that have all neatly been sorted out, so once you click on any one of the thumbnails that have caught your attention, you will immediately be redirected to the page where the video can be found. Then, every single one of these scenes has a nicely written description, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into whenever you open one of these scenes up. This is a great thing, considering that the scenes last at least 30 minutes. You may also watch the trailer that contains the steamiest 5 minutes of the video. Trailers are something that most porno websites should have, in my opinion. But, then, I should also mention that you can also rate and comment on any of these movies.


This is a standalone website, so sadly, there are no bonuses.


In conclusion, you will get a decent collection of steamy sex scenes where stepsisters and stepdaughters get pounded hard by their pseudo-relatives. No ads, no bullshit, just porn!